30 Things That Everyone Knows Are True, But Nobody Really Likes To Admit They Are


We may choose to overlook certain truths or facts on purpose because they are difficult to accept. However, we all know that it’s something we can’t escape, and reality may be brutal at times. “You can’t always control what occurs, but you can control how you react,” as someone smart once remarked. And there are three approaches you may take. You have the option of ignoring it, accepting the lesson, or allowing the circumstance to devour you. And, while the right option is usually evident, it is always easier said than done.

A Reddit member recently presented a question of eternal societal importance. “What is an indisputable truth that no one wants to hear?” they inquired. And millions of individuals jumped on the thread to expose the difficult-to-accept things they know are true but deliberately avoid thinking about. Look below for some of the most eye-opening but brutal realities shared by Redditors. What is an irrefutable reality that you refuse to accept? Please let us know!


You can always be replaced.


Image source: northsouth261Israel Andrade

Simply because you’ve been doing something for longer than others does not imply that you’re better at it (driving, job role, sports etc)


Image source: corrado33Chris Chow

It is NOT true that “you can do everything you set your mind to.”

It’s not even close.

Genetics have a significant impact in determining whether or not a person will be an excellent athlete or a highly successful scientist.

Can you be a “OK” athlete if you work hard and practice hard? Sure. Will you set global records or play for a pro team? No. To perform such things, you must be exceptionally competent in the field of genetics.

The same is true for mental tasks. Not everyone is intelligent. Some individuals simply don’t… get it. You may attempt a million different methods to teach a subject, but some individuals simply… won’t… understand it. Some people have a much easier time with critical thinking (the capacity to perceive an issue and picture how to solve it). Can you sit and learn stuff, get excellent scores, and so on? Absolutely. Will you ever be a scientist who conducts groundbreaking research and answers the world’s next major issue? Unless you get employed due to nepotism or are pulled along by someone who IS strong at critical thinking, the answer is probably no.

Furthermore, who you know limits much of what you CAN achieve. If you’re wealthy or your parents are wealthy, and they know a lot of people and have a vast social network, or a lot of people who want to please them for one reason or another, you’ll most likely get a job in any field you choose to pursue quite simply, providing you’re not completely incompetent. If you’re the first in your family to earn a degree and aren’t adept at maintaining a social network, you’ll probably have a difficult time finding work, even if you’re the greatest candidate for the positions you’re looking for.


Image source: gummycherrysRon Lach

Sometimes you are the poisonous individual.


Everyone you care about will perish. Everyone you despise will perish. Everything is over.


Image source: Planarian171Jonathan Chng

Someone is always better than you.


Image source: mlo92895Alexander Mils

Money may truly improve your life.


Image source: -dingbat-Alina Kurson

You can’t make someone adore you.


Image source: booksoverpplAdrian Swancar

Adrian Swancar’s booksoverppl image

Everyone is a liar. You, too.


Image source: BobSacramantoAYKUT AKTAŞ

For gorgeous individuals, life is simpler.


Image source: joculatorNiklas Ohlrogge

We don’t know everything and will probably never know everything.


Image source: CrustyTowelRui Fernandes

Your friends and relatives are probably gossiping about you behind your back.


Image source: UnovaboyMART PRODUCTION

That people should cease relying on God and start doing things for themselves.


Image source: oyuno_miyumiAndrew Neel

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people.


Image source: LemmeLarooLi-An Lim

Things are going to keep getting worse on our planet and we are in for some serious human tragedy.


Image source: ohnomyglasseyeSome Tale

Just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean they are a good person.


Voting Trump out of office will not solve everything. He is a symptom of a larger problem in the United States.


Image source: tappytapsNatalya Zaritskaya

Your spouse/child/home/job/vacation, and so on are not nearly as significant to others as they are to you.


Image source: Big_Muff_Pieessica Da Rosa

Your beliefs must be tested.

One of the best intellectual activities we can engage in is being around and constructively connecting with individuals who disagree with us.


Image credit: Ketut Subiyanto, animeweebgrill

That there will be people who do not like or agree with you, and you will not be able to alter their minds, thus you must accept it.


Image source: anonDeva Darshan

source: anonymous, Deva Darshan

People will still be assholes to you no matter how kind you are.


Americans are not interested in learning that Columbus slaughtered and enslaved people.


Image source: MrM0ndayKatie Montgomery

You are not unique.


Image source: PhilosofriedKristin Wolff

Simply having an opinion does not make you correct.


Image source: anonMilan Popovic

Just because you love someone does not mean they will return your feelings. They simply will not comply, no matter how hard you try.


Image source: fib16Gabriella Clare Marino

Corona may never go away and will always be a part of our life in some form.


Image source: BiggChimpinPiron Guillaume

All children are innocent, but not all are good. Some people, no matter what they are exposed to, will grow up to be f*g jerks.


Image source: PunchyPractitionerDan Meyers

There will come a day when you will be completely forgotten by everyone.


Image source: amynivenskaneRune Enstad

Nobody gives a s**t about the shape of your brows.



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