3 years after his massive stroke, Randy Travis returns to sing ”Amazing Grace” like only he can


Randy Travis’ voice is one of the few that truly gives me goosebumps.

Despite suffering a stroke years ago, he bravely sang “Amazing Grace” to honor George Jones, a talented country music artist, in a remarkable performance.

The famous artist honored the late George Jones by performing at the Grand Ole Opry, with a backdrop of blue and purple lights.

Travis was accompanied by friends such as Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and Travis Tritt.

Mary, the wife of Travis, has openly talked about her husband’s challenging stroke and the support they have received from loyal fans.

Randy Travis was taken to a hospital in Dallas in July 2013 because of viral cardiomyopathy problems. He had a stroke and needed brain surgery, which caused him to go into a coma. The doctors said that his chances of surviving were very low, only 1% to 2%.

Therefore, it was not worth continuing their attempts to keep him alive.

Mary Davis Travis, his spouse, had the choice to simply switch off the life support and let her husband drift away. The doctors directly inquired about her intentions. What was her desired outcome?

Instead, she decided to defy the usual conventions. Instead of obeying medical advice, she opted for a completely unique approach.

Mary was aware that her husband was a fighter, despite experts predicting only a 1-2% chance of survival. She couldn’t bring herself to turn off the ventilators.

May remembers pleading, “God, bring him back to me, no matter how.”

Randy stayed in a coma, tangled in a web of wires, yet Mary never thought about turning off his machines – even though her husband was only skin and bones.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the miracle happened. Randy opened his eyes..

We feel fortunate and content with our current situation. We are uncertain about what the future holds for us after this period of recovery. At the moment, we are simply grateful to be in this position and expressing our joy in a unique way,” she expressed. “We are delighted to contribute wherever there is a need for us to serve. Naturally, he dreams of returning to the stage one day. However, for now, we are embracing life and feeling incredibly blessed to be where we are.”

Randy has been using a wheelchair since his stroke, but he is getting better and can now walk short distances by himself. He has also started playing music and still has a strong passion for it.

He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016 after recovering his ability to walk.

Randy’s life is well-known for its vibrant experiences. Although he has faced challenges, his life has also been filled with moments of beauty, according to his wife.

Travis, who is still struggling with aphasia, has evidently been making efforts and praying to recover his former brilliance, as shown by the performance below.

Check out how Travis is doing and share your thoughts on his progress!

It’s amazing that he did this after having a stroke. Mr. Travis, you are truly talented! It still gives me chills. I’m praying for his recovery as you can see and hear the pain.

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