25 Times People Uncovered Such Fake Instagrammers, It’s Borderline Ridiculous.


In The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien said, “Not all that is gold does not glitter.” This means that just because something shines doesn’t mean it’s gold. This idea is relevant in today’s world, especially with the dominance of the internet and social media.

Instagram is full of seemingly flawless photos, but many of them are heavily edited. The Instagram Reality subreddit gathers the most retouched photos, and we’ve compiled some recent examples to show what you shouldn’t do to your pictures. Take a look, upvote your favorites, and check out our previous in-depth interviews with the subreddit’s moderators.

After you’ve finished reviewing this list, if you’re interested in seeing more astonishing examples of photoshopped images on Instagram, explore Bored Panda’s earlier articles on the Instagram Reality subreddit available here, here, and here.

1 I’m thrilled that this Greek TV host has her own personal cloud that accompanies her wherever she goes.

2 Perhaps just one more filter?

3 Wow, he’s really muscular!

The moderators of Instagram Reality shared with Bored Panda that the subreddit’s membership slightly increased during the coronavirus quarantine. However, the number of edited and photoshopped photos that people upload hasn’t decreased significantly despite the pandemic.

The moderators informed Bored Panda that what users prefer are natural photos of influencers and celebrities, not heavily edited and overworked images. They anticipate that popular Instagram users will come to realize this, especially as lockdowns are eased or lifted worldwide, and influencers find themselves at home during the pandemic.

4 I’m unsure.

5 Someone who looks like a mix of a person and a cartoon?!

6 I discovered one out in the real world. I’m willing to bet she’s never late with those legs.

According to the Instagram Reality team, “insecurity, envy, and money” are the factors motivating some individuals to heavily photoshop their pictures before sharing them on social media. This behavior is often driven by a desire to prevent embarrassment stemming from real or perceived imperfections.

What might begin as a few basic edits or applying some minor filters can escalate into significant photoshopping. This significant alteration can create a substantial disparity between how a person looks in real life and how they portray themselves online.

It’s true that most of us aim to present our best selves to others. However, there’s a clear distinction between showcasing your positive attributes and transforming yourself into an entirely different person online.

7 Certainly the most impressive or outstanding.

8 What a beautiful sunset! 🙂

9 This is overwhelming or quite a bit to absorb.

10 I’m completely unsure about what this is.

11 Where is the nose?

12 That’s certainly a novel or unexpected development.

13 In my opinion, she appears better without it.

14 The face resembles that of a character from a PlayStation 3 (PS3) game.

15 The reigning expert in makeup.

16 It appears that those organs did exist after all.

17 This looks like something you’d find in an indie horror game.

18 She could have simply told the truth.

19 Comparison between a post and a profile picture.

20 LinkedIn is also now affected or involved.

21 This fake influencer enjoys pretending to be wealthy, consistently sharing pictures like that with captions such as “short trip to clear my mind.”

22 This girl has a Disney-themed account for her ‘travels,’ and most of the pictures are like this.

23 The car had to make room for such a curvaceous backside.

24 What motivates women to aspire to this appearance?

25 Who Needs Organs Anyway?

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