25 modern sculptures that amaze the imagination and make you think!


Contemporary art is multifaceted and contradictory. Creators are absolutely not limited in anything – any form of self-expression, materials, techniques, directions and resources are available to them. In their creations, the authors demonstrate the flight of their own imagination in a format that is close to them in spirit. And yet, to discern the true meaning in these works is not so difficult, even for an ordinary layman. We invite you to get acquainted with 25 modern works of sculptors, which at first cause bewilderment, but upon closer examination, delight from such an outstanding reproduction of deep ideas.

Lorenzo Quinn, Force of Nature

Paige Bradley, “Expansion”

Kendra Heist, “Lions”

Kathy Grinnan Mirage, 2011

Ron Gilad “Gate”, 2014

Mario Manchi “I’m upright”, 2017

Stone sculpture of Smaban Abbas at Cairo International Airport

Mehmet Ali Uysal “Airplane”, 2016

Jeff Koons “The Game”, 1994-2014

Adrian Arleo “Hand Child”, 2005

One of Urs Fischer’s wax sculptures

Chiharu Shiota “Uncertain Journey”, 2016

Fabien Merel “Pentateuch”, 2013

Sculpture by Fredrik Raddum, 2017

Bogdan Rata “Loneliness”, 2011

Sculpture by Yoshitoshi Kaneki, 2017

Freya Jobbins “Cassiopeia”, 2015

Todd Gray “California Mission: Horse”, 2006

Paper sculpture by Alexander Lidagovsky

Johnson Tsang “Open Mind”, 2016

Wire mesh sculpture by Edoardo Tresoldi

Kevin Francis Gray “Face Off”, 2007

Wolfgang Stiller “Match People”

Adam Martinakis “Cocoon”, 2017

Sculpture by London designer Dan Hoopert, 2014

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