24 Hilarious yet Painfully Accurate Sarcastic Illustrations


Art has a language of its own that can be understood by all, without the need for words. When words fail to convey a message, I believe that’s when Art comes in. Many Artists have shown their creativity, and tremendous talent in depicting the world in its raw form, conveying ideas such as social reform, politics, education, and social greed to viewers.

Those who possess the talent to create a transformation in society with their artistry without a spoken voice are blessed indeed; their artwork is a powerful “silent voice”. Here are some humorous and thought-provoking satirical works that shed light on the hidden realities of society.

Visit his captivating illustrations below:

1. The Unfortunate Fate of Chickens

2. Awareness of Physical Appearances

3. Did the Vehicle Suffer Damage?

4. The Dangers of Excessive Video Gaming

5. Deceiving Yourself is More Harmful than Deceiving Others

6. Why Is the Earth Round Instead of Bald?

7. Branding with Blindfolds

8. The Actions of Parents Shape the Behaviors of Their Children

9. The Hidden Conflict between Social Media Platforms

10. Shopping for Emotions is Easier than Putting in Effort

11. Visual Harassment Permeates Everywhere

12. Everyone Covets What Others Have

13. Compromise and Understanding are the Keys to a Successful Marriage

14. The Wealthy Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer

15. Recognizing Natural Beauty is the Only Way to Accept Reality

16. All Forms of Evil are Connected

17. Countries with Weak Gun Laws Need Significant Reforms

18. Too Much of Anything is Detrimental, Whether Love or Knowledge

19. The Unexpected Path to Success

20. The alluring depiction of the business world versus its harsh reality.

21. You will reap what you sow in the end.

22. Suppressing the truth has always been a quick-fix for humanity.

23. Nature will become a matter of the past in the near future.

24. It’s a cycle of taking and taking without returning anything.

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