The human eye is round, and the pupils are also rounded. It is something that can be seen just by looking in a mirror. Cats’ eyes are not round, and their pupils are vertical. On the other hand, horses or ladybugs have large and very expressive eyes, but their pupils? Surely you don’t remember them.
Generally, people have not thought about this and do not have much idea on the subject either. But don’t worry, that’s what Suren Manvelyan is for, a photographer who captured the large pupils of different animal species. Keep in mind that if we do not tell you the name of each one, you will hardly know who it belongs to. Check out these images and discover them.

1. The dark abyss of an intelligent chimpanzee’s eye

2. Semicircular and vertical pupil belonging to a Fennec Fox

3. Doesn’t this look like the eye of an alien? Believe it or not, it is the eye of an iguana

4. You will think it is a monster, but it is the eye of a rabbit

5. “Hole in another space,” that’s what the photographer called the pupil of a Mountain Ram

6. After seeing fantastic things, this cat’s eye looks so pretty and homey…

7. The grim gaze of a massive hippo

8. Similar to a spatial landscape is the vision of this Sea Urchin

9. The abyss and silence observe us from the eyes of a blue and yellow Macaw

10. Although this is not similar to the sight of a living being, it is the eye of a Sea Bass

11. The vision of a dangerous predator, a Long-eared Owl

12. “The craziest tones I have seen in one eye are the Malamute.”

13. Does this sound familiar to you? Elongated, Green and Spooky: The Eye of a Nile Crocodile

14. Although it looks like it, it is not a dinosaur. It’s a Gecko, a distant cousin of dinosaurs

15. Could it be a Bat? Or maybe a Dragon? No. It’s just the eye of a little Chinchilla

16. This eye belongs to the Stingray and its incredible asymmetric pupil

17. It looks like an image of extraterrestrial life. However, it is the strange eyes of a Camel

18. Here is the answer you were looking for about a horse’s eyes. Isn’t it what you imagined?

19. The eyes of an Eskimo Dog look like a picture of Antarctica

20. No, it is not a lake in the middle of the mountains. It’s a bird’s eye view

Did you recognize any of these eyes? Let us know in the comments. Finally, do not forget to share this gallery with your friends and family so that they see the window of the soul of these animal species.

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