20 Street Art Examples That Are So Real You Have To Look At Them Twice To Know It’s Just A Drawing


Art is beautiful in all its manifestations. And now such a direction as street art is gaining popularity. Artists from all over the world pick up paint cans and create directly on the walls of houses, columns and all surfaces that they can get their hands on. Looking at these incredibly realistic paintings, you will definitely be impressed and appreciate the work of talented artists.

1. Who dares to walk here alone?

2. Be careful, the doors are closing. Next stop is the beach

3. Pet the dolphin

4. Winter is coming

5. Dangerous walk

6. Over the precipice

7. The shark now has its own private pond

8 Rescue Mice

9. Unusual maze

10. Friendship of peoples

11. Crazy surfer

12. Exciting bike ride

13. Fantasy Journey Begins!

14. Mystic Railroad

15. Pool right in the middle of the city

16. Door to another world

17. What a twist!

18. It seemed …

19. Reboot your mind

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