20 Selfies With Animals So Timely That There Would Be No Way To Take Two Of The Same


For a few years now, selfies have gained great importance in our photographic records. And there is nothing better than being able to see yourself in the camera before clicking. However, certain elements can improve them even more, and no, they are not filters, but very special animals, which enter the frame with all their magic to turn an ordinary photo into a shot worthy of framing and showing off. in the living room.

We at Bright Side collected pictures of cute animals that appeared in a selfie as if they practiced with the camera daily.

1. “Vaccine selfie”

© lnfinity / Reddit

2. “The perfect selfie doesn’t exist…”

© Miraster / Reddit

3. “Over here, taking a selfie”

© catnip1802 / Reddit

4. “Oliver’s selfie with his little brother”

© Jaamonge / Reddit

5. “When you take a selfie with your little bird at the exact moment”

© JanarDot / Reddit

6. “She’s thinking, ‘I better get some carrots after this selfie.'”

© scottonaharley / Reddit

7. “My funny selfie with an ostrich”

© Josephine_jackson / Reddit

8. “My dog ​​always smiles at the camera. Apparently he likes mirror selfies too.”

© beefcake01 / Reddit

9. “I tried to take a selfie with the dog I’m taking care of, but I had to yawn.”

© lolokelliher / Reddit

10. “Let’s take a selfie together! Woolie smiled.”

© Potomos / Reddit

11. “It took me a week to train Bowie to take selfies. It was totally worth it!”

© WhippetBowie / Reddit

12. “Selfie with my best friend”

© lnfinity / Reddit

13. “Here, taking silly selfies with Pickle”

© Raw_roxxx / Reddit

14. “The cutest selfie you’ll see today”

© maxwellverywell / Reddit

15. “A selfie with a koala to brighten the day”

© ScorseseTheCat / Imgur

16. “My dad sent me this picture”

© mrnanovideos1 / Reddit

17. “Selfie with my friend, the squirrel”

© Separate-Audience658 / Reddit

18. When the emotion of the photo becomes contagious

© chrisgin / Reddit

19. “When you try to take a good picture with your girl”

© ACcatlady / Reddit

20. “Phoenix taking a selfie with his new little sister.”

© LucSteelewalker / Reddit

What is the funniest selfie you’ve ever taken with an animal? Could you share your best shots with us?

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