Our mind sometimes tricks us, misinterpreting what our eyes can see. And this, when we let our imagination fly, can bring us quite amusing results.

natureistic.me has some photos shared by users that can be appreciated better if we look at them more.

1. “Bob Ross is on my burrito.”

2. “A rock that looks like an old man.”

3. “The morning eggs remind me a bit of the Reddit logo.”

4. “The tree’s flower looks like a small hummingbird.”

5. “I found a face in a tree today.”

6. “There is a dog trapped in this tree.”

7. “This rock looks like a hippopotamus.”

8. “The shadow of Sharp Top Mountain is really pointed.”

9. “We went by boat to Lake Saratoga in New York, and we saw this cloud that looks like a Victorian woman.”

10. “My candle wick resembles a mushroom tree.”

11. “This tire mark looks like a double cheeseburger.”

12. “My apple seems to be charging.”

13. “I almost ate a mantis in my salad.”

14. “I was making breakfast and spilt some of the dough.”

15. “This cactus grows on a cliff like a plump caterpillar.”

16. “I had to look twice.”

17. “The remains of glue on this concrete block look like buildings emitting toxic gases.”

18. A left-handed watch

19. “I had to look one more time.”

20. “This coffee stain on my mug looks like a world map.”

What is the most confusing photo you have taken with your cell phone? Is there a funny story around her?

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