20 most truthful photos that reflect the essence of cat nature


Cats always seem to be very cute creatures. At first sight. But at some point they get bored of behaving well and they do some kind of prank. Some of them manage to be caught at the scene of the crime and capture the moment in the photo. And then very funny shots are obtained. Here are selected such pearls. These furry criminals will make you smile!

If there is no way to hide the traces of the crime, you can simulate an accident

When a person leaves for the whole day, and you are waiting for him alone, unfed, unironed, unkissed

His cat wants to have breakfast at 5:23 and not a minute later

My cat always checks what I bought in the store. The moment she smelled the roast beef

Happiness is when the ass is warm

A second before

The reason for my eternal lateness is an overly touching cat

A ferocious predator waits for the prey to let down its guard

I am evil, evil, I am rage. Be afraid people

The perfect place to sit, relax and think about eternity

Convenience is generally the second name of all cats

Told the cat it was his turn to go to work today

He played with threads. And lost

Meet the cold with the owners

Disguise. Level – cat

They love us no matter what

They also do not want to get out of a warm bed

Or a rustling package

When I ate well and decided to lie down

When you wake up on a Monday and just sit on the edge of your bed

In general, cats are the center of the universe.

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