18 voracious trees that ate everything in their path


Have you ever wondered what trees eat? You might come to think that minerals, water, oxygen, and sunlight, in a nutshell, are eaten by photosynthesis. But we could say that it is not true at all. Trees often have a bad habit of absorbing all nearby objects. They may not be “eaten”, but imagine getting trapped in the thicket of their trunk. The very idea sounds terrifying.

1-. This hundred-year-old tree eating the metal support.

2-. How the hell did that belt get caught?

3-. Not only did he eat the sign, but you can see it on his face that he enjoyed it.

4-. He ended up supporting his friend in a difficult situation.

5-. The tree perfectly filled in his small space in the city.

6-. Nooooooo, not the puppy.

7-. This cheeky tree takes up all the pews.

8-. This ancient toy was caught by a tree.

9-. Open taken that form by the wheel?

10-. A slow death for that car from the tree.

11-. It doesn’t matter if it’s wire. Let’s start the absorption process.

12-. No matter the material, they eat everything.

13-. The difference between the photos of 10 months

14-. Look at the shape of the roots. They look like the devil’s lasso from Harry Potter.

15-. She looks like she is holding the sink to eat it.

16-. Soon only the memories of the wax will remain.

17-. It perfectly goes through a horror scene.

18-. Someone harnessed the appetite of the trees to create the perfect bench.

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