18 Images That Show How Terrifying Nature Can Be


No one doubts that nature is beautiful and incredible, but the latter adjective can also refer to how terrifying Mother Nature is sometimes.

We usually observe colored and scented flowers, but have you ever stopped to think, how many are dead? When they are so beautiful, this idea does not even cross our minds; however, others are too terrifying in appearance but turn out harmless.

Nature is a bit weird and never ceases to amaze us. Here are a series of spooky images of things that nature does:

This little animal could not have found a better home.

Have you ever seen an island of ants?

They do this to avoid drowning.

This is a cicada shedding its skin.

The blackmouth shark has a very human face.

We introduce you to Clathrus archeri; a plant with a creepy shape, better known as “devil’s fingers”

Behind the wall is a beehive; honey drains from the connector.

Does anyone know a good fish dentist?

This is an owl nest made with a bunch of lemmings.

This fox had a bad day; it fell into a frozen lake.

When these flowers dry, they are left with something similar to human skulls.

It’s not a snake. It’s a Hemeroplanes triptolemus caterpillar; this camouflage allows it to scare away its predators.

This is what lava looks like after it solidifies.

Nice place to find the wasps to build their nest.

A Venus Flytrap devouring a small lizard

This strange little animal is a marine worm from Antarctica, which can measure up to 20 centimeters.

Other wasps that know how to cause absolute terror

Surely this snake never thought its food would escape once it was eaten?

This Is What A Reindeer Looks Like When It Loses The Velvet From Its Antlers

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