17 women who prove that good makeup is better than filters


Makeup and hairstyle can become great allies for women, who have used it say they feel different, more confident and sometimes like totally different people.

Although many associate that a change of look means that someone is closing cycles or that the person who does it does not feel good about himself, but it is not always true, putting on makeup or changing your hair style can be because you just want to do it, without any reason in between.

The women you will see below clearly show that having makeup as an ally is better than using thousands of filters or Photoshop.

1. Something natural can completely change the shape of your face.

2. Red lips always give a different touch.

3. A natural makeup for a wedding.

4. The red color of her hair makes her extraordinary eyes shine.

5. Your redness disappears with good makeup.

6. A completely evening look.

7. Goodbye to spots or pimples with a little makeup.

8. No matter the age, a woman can always look fabulous.

9. Different hairstyle, natural makeup and heart attack eyelashes.

10. It is only necessary to highlight the woman’s gaze to send a strong message.

11. It is not so difficult to highlight the beauty of women.

12. A good makeup can change the mood of the person.

13. Her smile is just another color, but she feels good with or without makeup.

14. A little makeup is all you need.

15. She feels ready for the party.

16. With her makeup, she feels confident.

17. Sometimes makeup can boost women’s confidence.

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