17 weird things here, but that are very normal in Australia


Many know the fact that among all the countries of the world, it is in Australia that the largest number of poisonous animals is found. Besides the fact that a large number of animal species are only found in this country and nowhere else. But few people know why they have emu and kangaroo on their coat of arms. Someone will say, because there are a lot of these animals and they are already like a symbol of the whole continent, and they will be wrong. They were chosen because these animals move exclusively forward. So Australia just moves forward and doesn’t take a step back. Smart, right? And this is just one of the many interesting things, curiosities and features that this country has.

That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some of the most unexpected moments for these people but that undoubtedly marked their lives forever, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1. We live in a part of Australia where it is cold. Therefore, here we do not meet representatives of wild nature, as it happens in another part of the country. But today we meet a koala in our own backyard for the first time.

2. What is fed in Australian hospitals. You can say it’s a private clinic, but no, it’s a public hospital in Melbourne. We are sure that the inhabitants do not get upset when they get sick from having this type of care.

3. I left my shoes for a couple of days in the yard, and someone has already settled in it. Now I don’t know whether to kick out my new tenant or just buy another pair of shoes.

4. I paid $6.70 for this soy milk mocha. This is a fraud! This is only experienced by tourists.

5. Do you know what it is? These are chicken donuts. And this is not some kind of curiosity, but a fairly common product.

6. So the boring pillars of the bridge fit much more organically into the local reality.

7. Can you please tell me where I can validate a ticket here kind human?

8. I found this beauty while walking my dog ​​through the hidden alleyways of Melbourne.

9. At a regular food court, it cost me $17. The prices here are kind of cosmic.

10. Mixing Asian and Australian cultures sometimes creates very strange things. They do not believe?

11. This completely explains why my toilet hasn’t been running well lately.

12. This parrot got a normal lunch for itself. Now I understand why pieces were always missing from my pizza.

13. Bunnings, a local hypermarket, positions itself as a one-stop shop. And sometimes you can find very unusual offers there. Like, for example, a huge snake.

14. A kangaroo was seen under our house. This is a standard situation, nothing to be surprised about.

15. For those people who can’t leave home without their pets, dogs can visit Bunnings as long as they’re in the cart. Barney went to this store with me for the first time.

16. I just wanted to get things out of the drawer and immediately jumped back. I didn’t know I could jump back that far and with such dexterity until I saw that snake in my stuff.

17. He left the picnic unattended for a while, and an uninvited guest immediately arrived.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for these people who had to experience quite particular situations but which were undoubtedly moments that they will never be able to forget. Now tell us if you would consider Australia as your main destination after seeing what it hides.

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