16-year-old Suri Cruise is the perfect blend of dad Tom Cruise and mom Katie Holmes


Kids grow up quickly! Suri Cruise, who is now 16 years old, is starting to look like her famous parents.

Suri Cruise’s parents are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who started dating in 2005 and got married the following year. Suri was born shortly before their wedding.

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Tom and Katie were married for around six years. They frequently took their daughter out and shielded her from aggressive photographers wanting to snap a photo of the well-known family.

Suri’s well-known parents always kept her away from the media and protected her from the spotlight. Even now, Suri doesn’t have any social media accounts.


However, when the teenager goes out in New York, she is frequently photographed by photographers. In her most recent pictures from earlier this month, the 16-year-old bears a striking resemblance to her well-known parents.

Suri Cruise appears to be a beautiful combination of both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, taking features from both parents.

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Despite the striking resemblance between Suri Cruise and her famous actor father, Tom Cruise, it is said that their relationship is not the strongest.

The duo was last seen together in public back in 2012. Katie Holmes is reportedly upset because Tom doesn’t try harder to be more involved in their daughter’s life.

Although some people think that Tom’s decision not to meet his daughter and have a relationship with her is related to his Scientology beliefs, this rumor has been proven false. Scientology does not prevent parents from seeing their children. However, it is possible that Tom meets Suri privately, away from the public eye.

Regardless of their current relationship, it is undeniable that Suri Cruise bears a striking resemblance to both her father and her mother.

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