“16 pictures that show we can still have faith in people.”


Saying something kind to make someone happy, joining a street musician, or assisting someone in need without hesitation – these are all acts of kindness. The people in our collection know many ways to improve the world, and you don’t need superpowers or a magic wand to do it.

“This child was struggling to do it on his own, and a fellow passenger offered to assist.”

© Loozar / reddit

“I reside in Bolivia, and every morning, this lady provides food for all the homeless dogs in the park.”

© bcwebdes / reddit

“This morning in the rain at Nara, Japan, I witnessed a child sharing their umbrella with a deer. It warmed my heart.”

© laura6319 / imgur

“A heart surgeon comforts a crying 2-year-old girl by playing cartoons for her before her surgery.”

© gutsd / imgur

“Discovered this man on the roadside at my workplace, so I picked him up and gave him a ride to the vet.”

© aceofspadez4790 / reddit

“They spend all day on this street corner once a week, holding these signs simply because.”

© are_you-serious / reddit

“A mysterious stranger placed this angel statue by my grandmother’s flowers in her front yard. I haven’t seen her this joyful since my grandpa was alive!”

© Blump_King / reddit

“The elderly man was busking with his flute for money near the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, when a younger guy approached, pulled a flute out of his coat, and joined him (who carries a flute?). It was heartwarming, and the older man made a lot more money afterward.”

© snickle_fritzzz / reddit

“I left some chocolate in a hotel with a note that said, ‘This is for you, have a fantastic day.’ This is what I received in response.”

© DavidGman / reddit

“This store provides free bottled water because of the scorching heat in St. Louis. Well done, people!”

© Thart85 / reddit

“My girlfriend found this in a cafe restroom. I can imagine it has prevented some mishaps!”

© Berglug / reddit

“Yesterday, I assisted this gentleman.”

© subieman / reddit

“Stray dogs and people waiting together for the rain and floods to subside in Istanbul.”

© Unknown author / Reddit

“I discreetly took a picture of my fiancée after a visibly confused grandpa asked her for help in choosing pads for his granddaughter.”

© gurbism / reddit

“A man handed me his valid train ticket as I passed him on the escalator to the trains.”

“Instead of cutting the tree root, he constructed the railing around it.”

© UncleCarbuncle / reddit

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