“16 Instances When Tattoo Artists Transformed Scars into Beautiful Artworks.”


It’s widely known that art has the power to heal. Music can keep you feeling youthful, paintings can bolster your immune system, and tattoos can offer a fresh perspective. Body art can take on a deeper significance when someone has faced tough times. These individuals were courageous enough to reveal their scars to the world, and they’ve even transformed them into artistic expressions.

Motivated by the strength of the people you’re about to encounter, we’d like to share these incredible artworks with you.

1. “A hearty laugh can mend a lot of pain.” – Madeleine L’Engle

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2. Who ever said that scars couldn’t be a part of art?

© TheyCallMeTheHiphophippopotamus / Imgur

3. In the end, it was worth sitting for 13 hours straight.

4. A Celtic chest tattoo can be a beautiful way to express survival.

© GranBunny / Reddit

5. Kayla adorned her scar with a zipper pull.

6. Flowers are always in style.

© Exotic_Tattoos / Twitter

7. Transforming something negative into something positive and even better than before.

8. You won’t find a better bra anywhere.

deathakissaway / Reddit

9. This really makes me want to conquer my fear of flying.

10. Like a small sprout emerging in the desert.


11. There was a perfect spot for this steampunk tower.

12. Floral tattoos can help you love yourself in ways you’ve never experienced before…

indigoartattoos / Instagram

13. Take pride in the artwork on your body, just like this peacock does with its tail!

14. Incredible barn owl guarding its owner.

lowlight / Reddit

15. Following surgery, your body can only flourish!

Which of these tattoos is your favorite? If you have tattoos that conceal scars, please feel free to share your photos in the comments!

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