16 dishes that will make you want to run away when you see them.


Currently, there are more and more restaurants that seek to serve their dishes in original ways. The popularity of these places is increasing thanks to their selection of unique and expensive ingredients or their complex cooking process. However, many people are really surprised not only because of the excessive price, but also because they take their “originality” to another level. In this case, it should be remembered that restaurants not only sell food, but also create a unique environment that includes service, decoration and many other aspects. Here lies the stone that many restaurateurs stumble over: serving. Even in expensive establishments, they can do such a trick that the eyes of the guests roll out of their foreheads, and the photos instantly end up on social networks.

1-. “The meat was delicious, but the waiters wouldn’t let me take the bone for my dog.”

2-. “I need to check if my cat is not working as a chef in this restaurant.”

3-. The “Taste of the Sea” cocktail is served in a ceramic shell and complemented by a miniature onion and a piece of pickled cucumber.

4-. The chef keeps wondering why people don’t order his famous dish of octopus in jelly balls.

5-. The only advantage I find to serving onion soup in an onion is that you don’t have to wash the dish.

6-. I think this restaurant ran out of clean plates and decided a rock would be just as useful.

7-. This is the dish of a Michelin-starred vegan restaurant.

8-. We have to do something with the pot… I know, let’s serve bread in it.

9-. Steak with Port Sauce and Mashed Carrots and Glazed Horseradish. Unfortunately, the dish here is pretty average.

10-. “The cheesecake dish at this restaurant is considered very original.”

11-. Broken dishes are no longer a problem, now they become postmodern presentations.

12-. Fortunately the nails are not oxidized, they are just copper.

13-. The smallest taco in human history is served on top of a fish skull.

14-. “Let’s make bugs out of candy and serve them on a real plant, it sure looks delicious.” No friends it is not.

15-. The sky is the limit and a plate is not going to cage you, better use the table.

16-. Sir, can I order the branches to take away?

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