16 Cute Animals That Look Even Better With Their Adorable Ears


Nature is unpredictable, it has big surprises and you never know what new invention you might come up with. Let’s not even talk about genetics and its peculiar way of selecting genes. In today’s section we bring you 16 little animals that were endowed with the “huge ears” gene that makes them look adorable.

1-. I think she’s tripping over her own ears.

2-. An eared fox native to Africa.

3-. No folks, it’s not Photoshop.

4-. Cats can also have big ears.

5-. A hare proudly displaying her ears.

6-. An extremely rare long-eared gerbil.

7-. A steppe lynx.

8-. A grey-eared bat.

9-. The Aye-Aye lemur from Madagascar. He is able to hear any sound with his big ears.

10-. That look is directed at those who make fun of their ears.

11-. His ears are +10 cute.

12-. This Serval is proud of himself.

13-. The goat with the largest ears in the world. He is in Pakistan and his name is Simba.

14-. A big rabbit with big ears. Everything matches.

15-. The breeding of a Galago. Soon his ears will grow much larger.

16-.A cool kitty with cool ears.

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