15 works by a French artist who creates realistic graffiti, whose characters are about to jump out into the wild


Do you think that graffiti are those very incomprehensible scribbles in the alley that catch your eye every now and then? Then we hasten to convince you that this is not so at all! The French artist with the pseudonym SCAF shows the other side of street art that will surprise you. The guy draws realistic 3D graffiti, turning dull places and objects into real works of art. And their heroes strive to jump out of the stone slabs into the wild and scare the little people.

Ninja is coming for you

Dangerous predator on the loose

Artist caught


Diving for treasure

In your fairy world

good raccoon

Guarding your lair

As you may have noticed, the artist has a special love for animals, and especially for reptiles. Therefore, sometimes his work becomes doubly frightening.


Touched the legendary animal


Scooby-Doo in place

SCAF is not the first and will not be the last to draw realistic graffiti and is occasionally inspired by cartoons. For example, an artist from Barcelona now and then decorates the walls of abandoned houses with cartoon characters. But only now they came not from a good fairy tale with a happy ending, but from a nightmare.

The shark made a rustle in the hut


And the artist also loves to play out entire mini-scenes for the frame. And it’s worth saying that he does it very well. Complementing the work with his stage image and acting, the author creates another work of art – a photo for memory.

What a cute baby…

And here you can find more works of the artist.

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