15 of the most gorgeous abandoned castles I came across while around the world


Dimitri “Jahz Design” is my name, and I’m a French artist. I earned a degree in graphic design. Architectural ruins and history have long piqued my curiosity. I started becoming interested in urban photography of abandoned historical buildings in 2013. An old cemetery of warships was the location of my first investigation.

I explore the world in search of abandoned locations in urban ruin. I wish to share with you some of the most stunning castles that have been abandoned today.

I explore the world in search of deteriorating regions. I have traveled to more than 2,000 locations worldwide since 2013. I hope to raise awareness of our civilization’s ongoing transformation into fleeting memory through my photographs.

1 France

I always take a group of other photographers with me when I go. I do not advise traveling alone because you are not protected from mishaps or unpleasant encounters.

2 Italy

3 France

Following in the footsteps of the Soviet Buran spacecraft program in Baikonur, my most recent discoveries (Kazakhstan). I was named a Manfrotto ambassador in 2017. I was asked to serve as their ambassador in 2018 by the ultra-wide angle lens company Irix, which is based in Switzerland.

4 France

5 Belgium

Three galleries—Envie d’Art Paris in Paris, Galerie Gaa in Nantes, and Eleven Art Gallery in Rennes—represent my images. Additionally, I published a photography book titled “Broken Silence” that has 64 of the stunning abandoned locations I photographed.

6 France

7 France

8 France

9 Belgium

10 Portugal

11 Italy

12 France

13 Italy

14 France

15 France

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