15 Kids Who Got Up To Mischief So Innocent, It’ll Only Make You Tender


Having a child at home is like taking part in a game of chance: you never know what you are going to get. Children are little human beings who are learning how the world works and for them, everything is new and amazing. They have an immense desire to explore everything around them, and achieving this sometimes means getting into a bit of mischief.

It is not that they do it with bad intention; they are simply seeing the world in their own way. Thus, they constantly appear with a lot of surprises for adults; some tender, like discovering the scent of flowers, and others not so pleasant, like finding a can of paint and feeling like Picasso in the room.

Still, we can’t deny that kids always bring new adventures and most of their antics make us smile as we wonder how we’re going to clean up the mess. That is why below we want to show you some cute and innocent pranks that children have done and for which you will not be able to get angry.

1. A three-year-old boy threw away his sandwich, washed it, and is now waiting for it to dry before eating it.

Shadowsenn / reddit

2. The principle is basic: if you can’t see them, they can’t see you

DigitalUFX / reddit

3. It’s amazing that this worked

We don’t know for how long though.

SpeakEasyChef / reddit

4. His face says it all

SpeakEasyChef / reddit

5. He found a new way to use hearing aids

CallMeTurtleMeat / reddit

6. No doubt he quickly regretted his decision

SuperLastochka / addict

7. This four-year-old managed to put the cup in the most difficult position possible.

Not even an adult would have made it the first time.

nopamo / returns

8. He just got tired of playing

LadyJane17 / reddit

9. He is crying because they didn’t let him play with the garbage

TeenThat Likes Memes / reddit

10. “Children think there is more pizza if it is cut this way”

gigbeauty / reddit

11. It is easy to know where children have been because they leave their footprints everywhere.

maltzy / reddit

12. For a two-year-old, this is the only correct way to put the puzzle together.

Reddit_Dave / reddit

13. I guess it’s good to see a friendly face when you go to the bathroom.

kingofthesofas / reddit

14. The children claim that the dog left the tracks

forrest.gump / pikabu

15. Expert in playing hide and seek

ladyfrimmfram / reddit

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