15 funny fungi that strangely resemble butts


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Nothing is funnier than a mushroom that resembles a butt. This list includes all of our favorites, from baby portobellos to white button mushrooms. You might need to use a little bit of your imagination to see them, but trust us when we say it will be well worth it.

They come in all different sizes and forms, but if you look closely, you’ll see that they all resemble tushies.

Additionally, there are examples of every variety of mushroom tushies. Nobody is overlooked by us! This collection of absurd things has only been put together for your amusement; there is no true explanation behind it.

1.The large brown one.

For a mushroom butt, it is pretty curved and has dimensions that would be extremely proud of Sir Mix-A-Lot. This might have served as the album cover for his popular song “Baby Got Back,” which topped the charts in 1992.

This mushroom looks like a butt

2. White and droopy

A single ray of sunlight has never touched this particular mushroom butt. We can see our own reflection shining off it due to how white it is. Furthermore, one cheek is drooping lower than the other.

3. Beautiful finding made by the girlfriend.

The shape was one she knew as soon as she saw it. It was obvious that it resembled a butt. One of the best specimens of a mushroom she had ever seen, in her opinion.

4. Large dimensions.

A front butt is referred to when the butt extends into the front of the body. That is what a quick search on Urban Dictionary reveals. This mushroom does a good job of capturing the front butt’s essence!

5. Leaning forward.

It’s a fantastic view of a mushroom butt from the back. Imagine that the legs extend into the ground from the mushroom’s base. The similarity will then be apparent.

6. You need imagination.

These mushroom butts require different amounts of creativity. We believe this qualifies even if it may be a stretch. There isn’t any official organization evaluating them or anything, after all.

7. It is symmetrical and round.

These two full cheeks have a beautiful round shape. Reddit user LaughingFeet, who goes by the username, made a great discovery. But no one will be making fun of him after this incredible revelation! He’ll be remembered as one of the greatest hunters of mushroom butts in history.

This mushroom that looks like a butt.

8. The bare and wild.

Here we have a mushroom that was found growing naturally in the wild. We can see it in its native setting, totally exposed. It is displaying everything for all to see.

9. The pair

Two mushroom butts are visible in this picture. On the bottom, there is one that is smaller. Then a larger one is placed on top of it.

10. That cheeky man.

By stooping down near to the bushes and exposing his butt cheeks to everyone, he believes he’s being rather comical. The full moon will soon appear. The butt mushroom is out there and fully shown.

11. The meal is presented.

We occasionally don’t even notice what we are eating until we receive a significant surprise. We are initially dubious of anything with the moniker “shiitake.” Then, to see the mushroom appear on the spoon with a butt-like form… That’s a tough pass!

12. Mountaineer.

When seeing this picture of the mushrooms, some individuals perceive a brown butt cheek. Others perceive something a little bit more graphic. But it all depends on how you view it.

13. Cute and little.

This mushroom butt is one of the most liked ones on Reddit thanks to the delicate stem and the exquisite cheeks. More than 1000 other Redditors concurred. It has gotten a lot of votes in favor.

14. Observation of a polar bear.

Many fungi that resemble human butts have been observed. But this one has to be from a different species because of how hairy it is. Only that is a logical explanation.

15. A nice booty

I prefer large buttocks and I can’t fungi, as stated by Reddit user huelorxx. There isn’t much else to say about this comical mushroom booty. It meets every requirement.

One of the largest mushroom butt collections ever compiled on the Internet. Although we have undoubtedly seen hundreds of these absurd mushrooms in the wild, it is uncommon for anyone to choose to take photos of them and upload them online. When they accomplish this, they are added to our illustrious hall of records. These are the top 15 mushrooms jokes currently being shared online.

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