15 Designers Whose Creativity Is Completely Out of Control


Creativity is the key component of an innovative design. However, sometimes the result can be highly exaggerated and comical. But that doesn’t mean that most of us don’t appreciate products full of imagination, even if they seem to have been designed solely to make us laugh.

1. “Cute and so wrong at the same time….”

2. “This guitar.”

“Custom guitar to order. Ask Kevin for more information.”

3. “This corner table in an Airbnb.”

“Pack, close, walk”.

4. “This set made of aluminum can rings.”

5. “I found this at an antique store . It is a cotton shirt, but the design on it is from pictures of jeans . It was at 500 USD”

6. “Seen in a McDonald’s.”

7. “This toilet in a hotel.”

8. “Deer in…denim?”

9. “But why?!”

10. “This epoxy floor that looks like water.”

11. “This Minion tile to keep people off the sidewalk.”

12. “This table haunts my dreams.”

13. “This mirror in a New Orleans shelter.”

14. “Barbie Foosball Table.”

15. “Excellent design, questionable proposition: a wedding ring made from a grinding wheel.”

What is the most curious design you have come across? Do you have any photos of him?

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