“15 Clothing Errors That Might Make Your Life More Difficult.”


“Sometimes, we make clothing mistakes that not only make us uncomfortable but can also harm our health. For instance, many women were shocked to discover they’ve been wearing their bras incorrectly for years, which can lead to neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as skin irritation. However, these errors can be prevented with the right knowledge.”

“Bright Side explores the typical clothing mistakes we often make and offers tips on how to wear clothes more effectively to enhance our appearance and comfort.”

1. “Wearing your bra incorrectly.”

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What you’re doing wrong: The back of your bra rides up towards your shoulders.
Why it’s wrong: This could indicate that your bra is too large, leading to inadequate support and potential shoulder and back discomfort.
How to do it right: Make sure to measure for the correct bra size and choose one with a back band that remains horizontal when worn.

2. “Choosing the incorrect bra type.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Selecting a bra cup style that doesn’t suit your breast shape.
Why it’s wrong: The wrong cup style may not provide the proper support for your breasts.
How to do it right: Choose full cup bras for rounder or larger breasts and rounder shoulders. Opt for plunge bras if you have tear-drop shaped busts or armpit rolls. Balconettes work well for smaller or medium-sized breasts.

3. “Choosing inappropriate underwear for your body shape.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Selecting underwear that doesn’t match your body shape.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to discomfort or wedgies.
How to do it right:

  • For square, flat butts: Choose boy shorts, bikinis, tangas, or thongs.
  • For V-shaped butts: Opt for briefs, boy shorts, hipsters, or bikinis without high-cut leg holes.
  • For pear-shaped women with A-shaped butts: Go for tangas, bikinis, or boy shorts made from stretchy lace or with laser-cut edges.
  • For round butts: Stick with tangas, thongs, briefs, or boy shorts.

4. “Frequently wearing clothing that necessitates tying something around the neck.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Fastening a tie too tightly or frequently wearing halter tops that require neck ties, especially those that must support the weight of your chest.
Why it’s wrong: It can strain your neck.
How to do it right: Tie it securely enough to prevent wardrobe malfunctions but loosely enough to avoid excessive neck strain. Rotate with other clothing that provides better support or explore alternative tying methods.

5. “Wearing a swimsuit incorrectly.”

What you’re doing wrong: With the intricate designs of modern swimsuits, it’s easy to get confused about how to put them on. Some might wear them upside down, with the back in the front, or tie them incorrectly.
Why it’s wrong: It can expose body parts you intended to cover.
How to do it right: Always try on a swimsuit before purchasing it. Observe how the swimsuit is displayed or hung, as this can offer a hint about the correct way to wear it.

6. “Wearing an overly tight shirt that results in gaps.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Putting on a tight shirt to appear stylish without thinking about potential gaps between the buttons.
Why it’s wrong: This can cause discomfort, breathing issues, and embarrassment if a button pops off.
How to do it right: Make sure the shirt is buttoned up smoothly without any gaps between the buttons. You can opt for a looser fit, add an extra button, or sew along the seams to keep the buttons covered.

7. Wearing sharp accessories

What you’re doing wrong: Pairing sharp accessories with clothing like knitted sweaters.
Why it’s wrong: The accessories might catch on your clothes and create snags.
How to do it right: Think about the compatibility between your clothing and accessories to prevent damage to your garments or unraveling of your sweater.

8. “Attempting to squeeze into tight pants.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Trying to jam yourself into tight pants.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to digestive problems or heartburn.
How to do it right: After fully buttoning and zipping up the pants, check if you can comfortably fit two fingers between the fabric and your hips. If not, consider going up one size.

9. “Wearing shorts that constantly bunch up and cause discomfort.”


What you’re doing wrong: Continuously tugging at your shorts because they keep riding up.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to discomfort and reveal more skin than you intended.
How to do it right: Before purchasing, try on the shorts and perform squats to ensure the length is comfortable and stays in place.

10. “Wearing a romper, jumpsuit, or bodysuit that makes it difficult to use the restroom.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Choosing a beautiful romper, jumpsuit, or bodysuit without thinking about how challenging it can be to put on and take off.
Why it’s wrong: It can be time-consuming and inconvenient when you need to use the restroom or try on other clothes.
How to do it right: Select clothing that not only looks great but is also practical to wear, depending on your activities and needs.

11. “Wearing overly long clothing.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Wearing clothes that are slightly too long.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to accidents or stains on your clothing.
How to do it right: Adjust the length of your clothes so they fit you perfectly.

12. “Wearing socks that don’t match your shoes and outfit.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Not taking into account the length and material of your socks.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to discomfort and inadequate foot protection.
How to do it right: Choose the appropriate socks based on your footwear – use invisible or no-show slip-ons for low-cut loafers or ballerina shoes, opt for anklet socks with most other closed-toe shoes, wear crew socks for running, and use wool or thicker socks during the winter.

13. “Wearing tight-toed shoes and high heels frequently.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Persistently wearing narrow-toed shoes or high heels.
Why it’s wrong: Narrow-toed shoes can lead to foot deformities like hammer toes and corns, while high heels can cause bunions, knee pain, and lower back pain.
How to do it right: To maximize comfort, buy shoes towards the end of the day when your feet may be slightly swollen. Make sure there’s about 1/2 inch of space between your longest toe and the shoe’s tip. Avoid high heels when you anticipate doing a lot of walking.

14. “Wearing flip-flops exclusively throughout the summer.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Believing that flip-flops are the only suitable summer footwear.
Why it’s wrong: Flip-flops provide minimal support for your feet, leading to increased strain during the summer.
How to do it right: Reserve flip-flops for the beach and mix in other supportive shoes to give your feet the relief they need.

15. “Wearing inappropriate shoes for running.”

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What you’re doing wrong: Selecting footwear for sports without taking into account your foot type.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to undue stress on your feet.
How to do it right: Begin by determining your foot type using the wet footprint test. If you have a high arch, opt for cushioning shoes. For those with a normal arch or flat feet, neutral shoes may be suitable, and motion control shoes are a good choice for individuals with flat feet.

Have any of these problems with clothes ever made your life harder? Do you know about other mistakes people make with clothing, and do you have any advice on how to avoid them?

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