15 beautiful children with parents of different nationalities


To be honest, babies are not that pretty when they are born, but as they grow they acquire more defined features and it is at this stage that we can see if they are more like dad, mom or grandpa.

When both are from the same place it is easier to know what the baby may look like, however when the parents come from totally different points on the map it is almost a question mark trying to figure out what the baby will look like at birth.

The following examples are precious children from around the world who have more than one nationality but their blood mixes with more than one country. It is quite interesting to see these types of breeds running through the veins of a baby.

1. Nigeria + Scotland

2. Russia + UK + India

3. Cuba + Italy

4. Trinidad and Tobago + United Kingdom

5. Jamaica + Netherlands

6. UK + Egypt

7. France + Congo

8. Germany + Iran

9. Italy + Brazil

10. Jamaica + United Kingdom

11. Nigeria + Jamaica + Netherlands

12. Taiwan + Ukraine

14. United States + Russia

15. Congo + Belgium

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