14-year-old Robert Irwin; An award-winning animal photographer from the world-famous Irwin family.


Robert Clarence Irwin is an Australian television personality, zookeeper, conservationist, and wildlife photographer. He was born 1st of December 2003 as the second child and only son of the world-famous wildlife expert and environmentalist Steve Irwin (The crocodile Hunter) and Terri Irwin.

The Irwin family is not only working at the Australian zoo but also traveling around the world, exploring more and more of the diverse and mysterious world of animals. They also work to spread this knowledge around the world community. Meanwhile, Robert is sharing his brilliant photography on his Instagram page, which is loved by his followers from all around the world.

As a person who loves animals with his whole soul, Robert uses his passion and skill of photography to contribute to wildlife conservation. He has raised thousands of dollars to the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation (Wildlife warriors) by auctioning canvas prints at events all around the world.

The foundation also works in educating people in the protection of injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife. Roberts has also discussed on conservation of natural habitats with world leaders such as His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

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