13 Guinness World Records that show us the unique world we live in


The Guinness World Records have given recognition for decades to projects, living beings or peculiarities that stand out for something extraordinary. Whether due to an innate trait or a great effort, new discoveries appear every year that never cease to captivate us and let us know that we know very little about the world in which we live, such as the list of records that we will see below.

1. The tallest Mohican in the world is 129.4 cm.

Although it seems like a peculiar achievement, it took American Joseph Grisamore a long time to achieve recognition. His road to Guinness began in 2007. However, he achieved the title in 2019 and later broke his own record in 2021 with a 1.29 meter tall Mohican.

Joseph is in the professional healthcare and patient care industry and confesses that achieving a goal feels great and people’s reactions are priceless. When he doesn’t style his hair with the help of his wife to measure it, he tends to wear it in braids and up to avoid sitting on it and to be able to carry out his daily activities.

2. The marriage with the greatest height difference

James and Chloe are a British couple who got married in 2016, proving that love can overcome any difference or obstacle. James suffers from a congenital condition that prevents the development of bones and cartilage. The young man measures 109.3 cm, while his wife, 166.1 cm, which made them break the record for height difference in a married couple, with almost 57 centimeters in 2021.

Chloe and James met in 2012 and, although the woman initially admits that she had some insecurities about how people would see them, love triumphed. The couple has found a way to enjoy a fulfilling life despite the difficulties, and they have an adorable little girl named Olivia.

3. The tallest living cat is 47.3 cm.

Fenrir is a savannah cat, a hybrid breed between a domestic cat and a serval, measuring 18.5 inches. Fenrir lives with his human, Dr. William John Powers, who adopted him when he was just 12 weeks old. William has a lot of experience with cats and likes to call himself “crazy cat daddy”.

The doctor also revealed that Fenrir has a very docile and loving character, often helping him to attend to and reassure patients in consultation. The most curious thing is that this is William’s fourth cat with a Guinness record, something that the doctor seems to believe that he was predestined.

4. The hairiest teenager has a Guinness record and is from Thailand

In 2010, Supatra “Nat” Susuphan of Thailand broke the record as the world’s hairiest teenager, shocking the entire planet with her looks. The young woman became a true inspiration by confessing that she did not feel different from her, that she has many friends and that her excess hair, instead of embarrassing her, made her feel special.

Although Supatra did not expect to find love, she is now happily married and, although she has decided to shave her face, she continues to be an example of positive attitude and acceptance.

5. The heaviest mango was grown by a couple of Colombian farmers

Colombian farmers Germán and Reina noted that the fruit was unusually large and markedly different from the rest of the mangoes. After picking and weighing the mango, her daughter suggested that they search the Internet to see if there was already a record for it, and they realized that the fruit they had at home was heavier than any other recorded fruit.

The couple’s goal in receiving the recognition of the Guinness record was to give visibility to the lands of their country and to let the world know the excellent fruits they are capable of growing.

6. Drew Barrymore modeled the widest wig in the world.

The actress is recognized for her sympathy and for daring to do unusual things, but her participation in 2017 on the Jimmy Fallon show also gave her a Guinness record. Drew had to don a 2.32 meter wig specially made by experts for the attempt to break the record for the widest wig. To celebrate her achievement, the actress gave away one of the buns from the huge mass of hair to the public.

7. The longest mustache in history measures 4.29 meters

Ram Singh Chauhan, a man from India, is the owner of the longest mustache in history. In reality, Ram has never cut his mustache extension, making only regular cuts in the lip area. The man follows a special grooming routine, washing his mustache every 10 days, massaging it and oiling it. Ram also confessed that he needs his wife’s help to complete the whole process.

8. The woman with the longest beard is an example of self-love

The American Vivian Wheeler broke the record for the woman with the longest beard, 25 centimeters, in 2011. Vivian was forced to shave from the age of 7 by her father to avoid being singled out in her hometown. However, after 4 marriages and the death of her mother in 1993, the woman decided to stop trimming her beard and accept her face as it is.

Vivian confesses that having a Guinness record helped her to feel proud to be herself and to take a new path in her life, joining a touring company.

9. The woman with the longest nails grew them in tribute to her daughter

Although it may seem strange, and even unpleasant to some, With a total length of more than 13 meters, Diana Armstrong has smashed the record for the longest fingernails on a woman and her reason is quite moving. The American has grown her nails for 25 years in an attempt to preserve the memory of her daughter Latisha, who died at the age of 16.

Latisha used to do her mother’s manicure every weekend, so after her death, Diana stopped cutting her nails, holding on to what was left of her daughter. Although some of her basic tasks have become quite a challenge, her nails are now a way to bring the family together, since painting them requires about 25 bottles of varnish and the help of her grandchildren and nephews.

10. The tallest married couple are athletes

Basketball player Sun Mingming and his wife, handball player Xu Yan, who hail from China, have broken the record with their respective heights of 236.17 cm and 187.3 cm. The couple met at a national sporting event in 2009 and were married soon after.

Sun acknowledges that their height sometimes prevents them from doing simple activities, like getting into a car, traveling by plane or finding a hotel room. However, having each other and supporting each other has helped them lead a fuller life and have a happy marriage.

11. The largest bubble of gum was 50.8 cm

This record, without a doubt, is one of the funniest and would have made us immensely happy if we had achieved it as children. American Chad Fell managed to form a 50.8 cm bubble of gum with a diameter of 20 cm, without using his hands at all. Chad’s secret was to combine three pieces of a well-known brand of chewing gum.

12. The dog with the biggest ears in the world

Lou is a sweet and intelligent dog who also recently broke a Guinness record thanks to her long ears. Her human, Paige Olsen, practically fell in love with her at first sight, and decided to adopt her. Paige assures that Lou’s ears do not require special care and that only in winter she needs to wrap them to prevent them from dragging in the snow and causing any health problems.

13. The day the tallest man and shortest woman in the world met

Sultan Kösen, from Turkey, is the current tallest man in the world, standing at 251 cm tall. On the other hand, Jyoti Amge, a native of India, holds the record for the shortest woman at just 62.8 cm tall. On a historic day , the two took a trip to Egypt and staged a meeting that caused an uproar among tourists who came to see the Great Sphinx outside Cairo.

If you were to break any Guinness World Record, what do you think it would be? What is the strangest or most peculiar thing you have seen?

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