13 girls swoop in after boy gets rejected before Homecoming in front of his classmates


He wasn’t expecting it.

Dakota Nelton, a second-year student from Gray, Louisiana, took a brave step when he invited a girl from his school to be his date for the homecoming dance. He aimed for a special proposal, so he created a poster that he held while asking her the question.

Other students were eagerly waiting to hear the girl’s response, but she ended up rejecting him in front of everyone, causing his classmates to laugh at him.

Dakota felt embarrassed, not because he got a “no” for an answer but because the rest of the students made fun of him.

Source: YouTube/ WGNO-TV / ABC26 / WNOL38

The teenager explained to WGNO New Orleans that it was a difficult moment being in a small circle with someone shaking their head, and they had to figure out how to leave that situation.

Dakota wished that the rejection would be forgotten within a couple of days, but things didn’t go as he hoped. A video of his unsuccessful proposal was recorded and shared online. The video captured the moment when Dakota approached the girl with a poster, a bag of candy, and a smile on his face. However, shortly after, his expression changed completely, the smile vanished, and a profound sense of devastation overwhelmed him.

Source: YouTube/ WGNO-TV / ABC26 / WNOL38

Fortunately, not only the people who made fun of him saw the video, but also a group of girls who wanted to support him.

Dakota walked into the school and noticed 13 girls with posters, inviting him to be their date. Initially confused, he quickly understood their intention.

Dakota mentioned feeling like a popular kid at school, even though she isn’t one.

Source: YouTube/ WGNO-TV / ABC26 / WNOL38

The girls wanted to ensure that Dakota knew he was loved, worthy, and deserving of going to homecoming with someone.

We are thrilled that Dakota had the final word.

Source: YouTube/ WGNO-TV / ABC26 / WNOL38

This story illustrates the stress teenagers experience when they have to secure a date for prom or homecoming.

For more on this brave teen’s story please go to the video below.

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