12 Times Designers Challenged Your Imagination And We Stopped To Look Twice


“Architecture is a way of putting dreams into the real world,” said architect Bjiarke Ingels. We may be used to the simple constructions in which we develop our daily lives; however, there are times when architects decide to twist their designs to bring functional buildings that seem possible only in the imagination.

We at Bright Side collected the most creative buildings that defy the laws of convention.

1. Qatar National Museum, Doha

© Mabdelrazek / Depositphotos.com

Inspired by the “desert rose”, the rock that forms crystals reminiscent of a flower, architect Jean Nouvel designed the new museum building that opened in 2019. The museum is built around the former palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, in a way that is considered a bridge between the past and the present.

Following the tradition of the desert, the construction offers excellent sun protection since the discs that make it up create long shadows when the sun hits them. In addition, it is few windows are far from the reach of light.

2. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

© palaz / Depositphotos.com , © cgarcial / Depositphotos.com

Located on the Bilbao estuary, the building designed by architect Frank Gehry is similar to a ship if seen from street level, thus making a nod to the industrial life of the city’s port. For the design, Gehry was inspired by the scales of animals, for which he decided to cover it with “scales” of zinc and titanium that adapt to the curves of the construction.

In front of the museum is Puppy, the iconic floral sculpture by sculptor Jeff Koons, which represents a puppy of the terrier breed.

3. Beijing National Stadium

© cowardlion / Depositphotos.com

The stadium, with a capacity of up to eighty thousand people, has the largest steel structure in the world outside. Its circular shape represents the sky and its patterns are inspired by Chinese ceramics, although the general design is reminiscent of a bird’s nest.

4. Emporia Mall, Malmo

© Tonygers / Depositphotos.com

This is one of the largest Scandinavian shopping malls. The design was carried out by the architect Gert Wingårdh, who decided to give it a striking image with a diagonal incision in the amber glass complex, which allows natural light to pass through. Inside there are three floors with atriums of different colors, it even has a park with green areas.

5. Art Science Museum, Singapore

© tang90246 / Depositphotos.com

The building, which looks like an open hand from above, has been called “the hand that welcomes Singapore”. Its structure, similar to a lotus flower, has galleries and skylights in each of its “petals”. This construction is distinctive, as it houses the first ArtScience museum in the world, distinguished by exhibiting works that combine art and science.

6. BMW Welt, Munich

© kunertus / Depositphotos.com

The Welt is located in the Munich Olympic Park, and all current models of BMW vehicles are exhibited here. Although it has a futuristic look, it is inspired by the ancient Acropolis of Athens. The double cone, which may look like a water clock, was designed by Coop Himmelblau and is considered one of man’s most audacious constructions.

7. Peter B. Lewis Building, Cleveland

© KSponsler / Depositphotos.com

The acclaimed Frank Gehry designed the Case Western University School of Management building. It’s hard not to stop to see this iconic university location. Its curved stainless steel facades put a creative spin on what is usually expected of a business school.

8. Ramot Polin Neighborhood, Jerusalem

© oshra dayan Pikiwiki Israel/Wikimedia , © CC BY 2.5

This is one of the strangest buildings, as it looks similar to a beehive. It was designed by Zvi Hecker, known for experimenting with geometric shapes. Although, since its construction in the 70s it has undergone modifications by tenants, it still retains the unusual shape that makes it so characteristic.

9. Gorgot Tower, Figueres

© MRuedaC / Wikimedia , © CC BY-SA 4.0

The also known as “Torre Galatea”, was the last place where Salvador Dalí lived, who was in charge of capturing his creativity in it. The painter chose the name “Galatea” in honor of Gala, his wife. Currently, the construction is part of the buildings of the Dalí Theatre-Museum.

10. The Shed Art Center, New York

© hannator / Depositphotos.com

Opened in 2019, The Shed features a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Its front facade has a feature that makes it unique: wheels. With them, it is possible to move the outer cover towards an adjoining square to multiply the space for larger events.

11. Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris

© pio3 / Depositphotos.com

Architect Frank Gehry was inspired by the historic Grand Palais and glass structures to design this cultural center and art museum. The building reflects the “water garden” from which it emerges depending on the light conditions.

12. L’Hemisferic , Valencia

© Javier Yaya Tur (CAC, SA) / Wikimedia , © CC BY 2.0

The iconic “eye of wisdom” opened its doors in 1998 to become a significant tourist attraction. Santiago Calatrava was in charge of designing the ovoid cover that houses the largest movie theater in Spain, which contains a screen of nine hundred meters.

The eye formed with the reflection of the water symbolizes observing the world visitors discover through audiovisual projections.

And you, do you like modern designs or do you prefer classic constructions? Tell us in the comments.

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