12 photos of cute caterpillars that turned into beautiful butterflies.


Butterflies can be considered one of the most beautiful insects of all. You can see them perched on a tree and you can’t help but admire them. They have magnificent patterns on their wings and are capable of flying long distances. Another incredible aspect of butterflies is that they didn’t always look beautiful. Many have a dark past as “ugly ducklings” since they come from really strange caterpillars.

01-. Here we see the caterpillar that becomes the Atlas butterfly, the largest in the world.

Atlas moths do not feed throughout their lives as they do not have a mouth. Thanks to this, their life expectancy is 2 weeks.

02. The Rose or Red-bodied Swallow.

03-. Monarch butterfly.

04-. brahmin moth

05-. Glaucous butterfly.

The caterpillar of this butterfly looks anything but the caterpillar itself due to its huge glowing false eyes. Then they help her drive away predators until a beautiful sailboat butterfly appears from this larva. An interesting fact: the larva changes color several times until the final transformation.

06-. Peacock butterfly.

07-.Polyura Sempronio

08-. Automeris io

The Saturnia caterpillar attracts many with its bright green pom-poms located all over its body, which you will only want to touch. But the appearance of this caterpillar is deceiving. Its poison is very dangerous for any living organism. So one touch and you’re doomed.

09-. Large harpy butterfly.

10-. morpho peleides

11-. Hyalophora cecropia

With all its color, the peacock-eyed cecropia caterpillar says not to be touched, even though the pseudo ladybugs that landed on its back are very cute. But you still should not touch it, like the moth itself – they are poisonous.

12-. battus philenor

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