Oklahoma boy sits alone to fish when he catches a fish that has him screaming


11-year-old catches a fish with ‘human teeth’… it’s only later that the horrifying truth is revealed.

Charlie, an 11-year-old boy from Oklahoma, was having fun catching fish in the neighborhood pond behind their home. The boy was hoping to catch and then release the bass and catfish living there, but all of a sudden, he caught a strange looking fish and started calling his mom’s name from the top of his lungs.

Janna Clinton, Charlie’s mom, mentioned that when the incredible incident happened, Charlie was screaming, “Oh my God, mom! Oh my God!” She thought he was just being dramatic, to be honest.

The fish’s human-like teeth caught their attention and left them puzzled. It was something they had never seen before.

She mentioned that living in a neighborhood pond meant they were accustomed to catching bass or catfish, not something with teeth like a human. She also noted that the fish was very lively. She added that Charlie mentioned it was a tough fight, but he managed to catch it successfully.

The family took pictures of the unusual fish and shared them on the internet. A lot of people commented right away. One person said, “Those look like human teeth.” Another person wrote, “That’s so creepy!”

One resident expressed, “That’s certainly not a catch and release! Thank you for treating it seriously.” Another resident recommended, “You might want to report this to someone in wildlife or a similar authority.”

The family gained more knowledge about the fish by contacting wildlife experts and sharing photos. Regrettably, they let the fish go back into the pond. Janna admitted, “It’s a catch and release pond… so we let it go because we were unaware of the rules at that time. We made a mistake.”

The fish turned out to be a pacu, a cousin to the piranha, that’s native to South America. 

Pacu, unlike piranhas and other similar fish, do not possess sharp teeth as they mainly feed on plants.

Wildlife experts are confused about how the fish got into the pond. It’s possible that someone who had it as a pet let it go there. Pacus are introduced to freshwater environments in the U.S. when they are kept as pets and then released into ponds and rivers when they outgrow their tanks, according to officials from ODWC.

The ODWC tweeted about someone releasing a Pacu fish into a neighborhood pond.


Other instances of pacu being caught in Oklahoma have been reported. According to fish expert Henrik Carl, similar incidents have occurred in other countries like Papua New Guinea, where men have had their testicles bitten off. Some fishermen have even bled to death as a result. Carl explains that pacu bite because they are hungry, and human testicles are an appealing target for them. While pacu typically consume nuts, fruit, and small fish, they consider human testicles to be a natural prey.

Charlie kept fishing at the pond, hoping to catch the fish again. They planned to mount it as a prize, making it look like the fish was smiling with visible teeth.

Releasing these fish into a different environment when owners can’t take care of them anymore is risky for many reasons.

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