Family reject developers who build suburb around entire property – 10 years later, house’s value is astronomical


We’ve heard stories before about people defying ‘the man’, but one family in Australia seem to be taking things to a whole new level after rejecting any and all offers on their property.

Reports indicate that the family has refused developers multiple times, leading to the construction of a suburb surrounding their property.

The owners of the Windsor Castle-style mansion remain determined, stating that they cannot assign a value to their unique home. The Australian property boasts a 650-foot driveway, lush green gardens, and a breathtaking view of the Blue Mountains.

Developers are reportedly extremely eager to buy the land where the property is located, and they have made numerous significant offers.

And yet still the family say no…

According to reports, many nearby properties were sold in 2012, when the property in question was estimated to be worth $4.75 million.

A decade later, specialists suggest that the house could be valued at an astonishing $50 million!

Taylor Bredin, a real estate agent at Ray White Quakers Hill, mentioned to 7News that while many people sold their properties long ago, these individuals have chosen to hold on. They deserve credit for that.

By extending the development plan, you could potentially fit between 40 to 50 properties on a similar project. If subdivided, a 300 square metre block could be worth a million dollars.

Today, the house is surrounded by neighboring homes with fences. The family living there has no intention of selling and enjoys living in a cul-de-sac.

Diane Zammit, 50, shared with Daily Mail Australia that the area was once filled with farmland and small red brick houses and cottages.

She expressed, “Each house used to be special and there was plenty of room, but things have changed. It’s just not like before.”

It must have been really tough for them to say no to $50 million! What are your thoughts on the choice this family made? Share in the comments below.

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