10-year-old girl survives a night at -11ºC thanks to a stray dog


Our faithful friends have always been there when we need them, and no, we are not talking about our human friends, but about our four-legged furry friends.

A dog we love is a faithful friend who will seek to protect us because that is how they protect themselves because they know that you are necessary for them as much as they are necessary for you.

But what happens when a friendship of this type is born out of nowhere? What happens when a dog saves a life by pure accident? This is the case of a girl in the city of Uglegorsk in Russia. A place where temperatures drop a lot, especially at night.

Vika Z, as she has identified, thanks to the city authorities, is a little girl returning from school. She got lost on her way home due to a snowstorm hitting the area. The girl, only ten years old, then found a stray dog, who became her only heat source.

Vika spent more than 18 hours hugging this canine, waiting for help. A miracle that they found her alive, thanks to this brave animal!

Vida’s family comments that she loves dogs very much. Her neighbors in Uglegorsk often saw her play and feed the dogs that roam the street. She had never thought that one of them would be her salvation.

In this city, the temperatures are almost always low. They are usually below zero. When the girl left school and was on her way home, a freezing storm hit, causing temperatures to drop to minus 11ºC. People comment that they think Vika must have entertained herself by playing with one of the street dogs and that this probably caused her to get lost.

However, thanks to the dog with whom he stayed playing, he could pass the storm. Rescuers and volunteers who searched for her for more than 18 hours found her lying on an abandoned mattress and snuggling up to a dog. She hugged him, and thanks to the heat, she managed to survive.

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